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By Natori Moore

Everyone’s got parents.  Part of being human is having two people who combined forces to give us birth.  Whether our early life is one of happiness and tender care, neglect and hardship or some combination of both, resolving issues related to our parenting is often essential to finding our unique path in life.

Astrologically, parental qualities are represented by the signs of Cancer and Capricorn.  Both Cancer and Capricorn people like to encourage, protect, and conserve the good qualities they find in their children and in people around them.  They know the well-being that comes from having strong roots, a sense of heritage, and family traditions.  They have the tenacity and responsibility to uphold the birth of a child, idea or enterprise and guide it through the years.

Cancer represents the archetypal “mother” characteristics of the zodiac.  Cancer people are caring, emotional and good listeners. They have a natural ability to provide nurturing attention.  They are often able to anticipate other people’s needs, and use this ability to support or manipulate others, depending on their motivations.  They like to see that those they care about are comfortable and well-fed.  They often enjoy child care, gardening, restaurant or catering work, running a household, selling real estate, or managing a service business.  They often provide an unconditional type of love, in which we are loved simply for being who we are.  The mature Cancer is nurturing to self and others, while the immature Cancer wants to be “babied” and have others do most of the caretaking.

As the natural opposition to the sign of Cancer, Capricorn represents the archetypal “father” characteristics of the zodiac.  Capricorn people like to take charge and give practical advice.  They often hold executive positions in business, or have leadership roles in their communities.  They are typically loyal, stable and dignified, and have a natural ability to provide rules and guidelines by which others can achieve and grow.  They provide a conditional kind of love, in which we are rewarded for what we do.  This can seem harsh to some, but it is often necessary if we are to grow.  Even young children with strong Capricorn chart placements will often display adult-level abilities in leadership or decision-making.

At times, Cancer or Capricorn people may play “parent” for us in just the manner we need.  They can give us loving support and firm practical guidance, no matter what our age.  There are, however, some down sides to these parental signs.  Cancer and Capricorn people can sometimes be too parental – becoming overly strict, regimented or suffocating.  The “mother hen” (Cancer) and the “drill sergeant” (Capricorn) are two stereotypes that can apply for the archetypes of Cancer and Capricorn.  People with strong Cancer or Capricorn need to make sure they allow others to make their own decisions and that they nurture and instruct themselves as effectively as they do others.  They may also need to strike a balance between taking things too personally (Cancer) and not taking them personally enough (Capricorn). 

Cancer and Capricorn people are often the rocks that we lean on as we grow and mature.  Just as we rely on our parents early in life, depending on people for a period of time who embody these parental signs can be a healthy part of our development.  We can also grow, however, by developing the positive qualities of Cancer and Capricorn within ourselves.  These qualities may include self-nurturing, self-discipline, ambition, comfort with emotions and a conservational attitude toward things that are worthy of preservation.  Whether or not we are parents ourselves, we can take the time to appreciate Cancer and Capricorn – the parental signs.

© 1994 Natori Moore
All rights reserved
Originally appeared in Star Club News, December 1994.

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