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Interested in an astrology reading?  I have enjoyed providing telephone-based astrological sessions to people from many walks of life for over 10 years.  Whether you choose:

  • an Individual Birth Chart Interpretation
  • an Individual Birth Chart Update,
  • a Compatibility Evaluation,
  • a Childrenís Chart Session,
or another specialized service (see Menu of Services), in each case my goal is to provide insight that will help you make decisions in your life. 

If your are contemplating your first astrological session, you might find it helpful to read my answers to Frequently Asked Questions about astrology.

Same day quick readings using PayPal or your credit card provide up-to-the-minute insight that can be surprisingly useful. 

Appointment-based sessions evaluate the chart(s) involved in more depth, and include printed chart information and a tape of the session. 

Each session is ideally a two-way dialogue that allows me to share information as well as gain your input as we go along so that I may better meet your needs.  In fact, itís a good idea to jot down the top 2-3 concerns you would like addressed in your astrological session, and note these when sending or calling in your information.  I look forward to speaking with you!

Natori Moore, C.A. NCGR
(760) 753-4319
132 N. El Camino Real #172
Encinitas, CA  92024

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