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Natori Moore, Astrologer & Writer

Natori Moore, C.A., NCGR is a counseling astrologer certified at NCGR Level IV. She has counseled clients from a variety of backgrounds and professions for over 10 years. Her services include birth chart interpretations, relationship compatibility, timing for special projects, new baby charts, and women's fertility charts to assist pregnancy.

Natori is a member and past vice president of the San Diego Astrological Society and is a member and Treasurer/Membership Director of NCGR's San Diego chapter.  Her articles have appeared in The Mountain Astrologer, Dell Horoscope, and Today's Astrologer magazines.

Natori has a background in literature and film studies and a secret passion for charts of celebritites (the Leo Moon strikes again). She specializes in sessions by telephone, which may be taped for your convenience.

Natori lives in Encinitas, California.  She can be contacted by email, by phone at (760) 753-4319, or by mail at 132 N. El Camino Real #172, Encinitas, CA  92024.

Your hostess, Natori Moore
Member, San Diego Astrological Society
Contributor: Mountain Astrologer Magazine
Today's Astrologer Magazine
Natori's Philosophy
As the astrologer Dennis Harness has said, one’s own will combined with the grace of God is stronger than any astrological influence.  Yet though we are not limited to the astrological chart boundaries, they can give us guidelines for living.  The movement of the planets against the template of the birth chart will consistently, and sometimes surprisingly, point us toward our perfect unfolding – human error and all.

No one is yet certain exactly how astrology works.  I suspect it has to do with vibration and magnetism at a subtler level than many of us can now perceive.  In a scientifically oriented world, it’s sometimes challenging to uphold the value of an art in which perceptions and outcomes can be so variable.  Yet until we know more about astrology’s workings, we can rely on the rich heritage of those who have respected and used astrology not simply as an entertaining parlor game, but as a way to grapple with destiny and work out salvation. 

-- Natori Moore
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