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Advice for Teens Part 3: Your Moon's North Node

Welcome ashore, astro-mates!  It's a good bet you've been out surfing the high seas of the Internet and are ready to relax for a while.  If you're like me, you love to go on line to link up with friends, learn amazing new facts, and travel to imaginary worlds.  If the signs Gemini, Sagittarius or Aquarius are prominent in your birth chart, you especially enjoy traveling in cyberspace as well as taking trips in person to places that interest you.  (Sagittarians and travel go together like mice and cheese!)  Yet no matter what astrological sun sign you are, you may have wished for a compass or road map to give you direction through life.  Here's some good news -- there actually is a navigation point you can follow!  It's the guiding light of your astrological chart, called your Moon's North Node. 

We won't bother too much with a technical definition here.  It's enough to say that the Moon's North Node is a point where the path of the Sun and the path of the Moon cross each other as they travel through the sky.  Therefore, the Moon's North Node is not an actual physical planet, like Mercury or Venus, but a point in space.  Even so, many astrologers believe this energetic point in the astrological chart holds a key to your life success and integration -- to bringing all the parts of who you are together.  Whether you are well-acquainted with your astrological chart or are reading about astrology for the first time, you can develop the qualities of your Moon's North Node sign as a sure-fire way to make the most of what you've got. 

To find your Moon's North Node sign, see Table 1.  You will notice that the Moon's North Node has a somewhat irregular movement, yet usually stays in one sign for about one and a half years.  This means that people born near you are likely to have the same Moon's North Node sign as you do.  To find which Moon's North Node sign is yours, locate your birth date in the list in the first column.  Then read across to the right to find your Node sign. 

Table 1
If Your Birthdate is Between:
Your Moon's North Node Sign is:
April 20, 1969 - November 2, 1970
November 3, 1970 - April 27, 1972
April 28, 1972 - October 27, 1973
October 28, 1973 - July 10, 1975
July 11, 1975  - Jan 7, 1977
Jan 8, 1977 - July 5, 1978
July 6, 1978 - Jan 5, 1980
Jan 6, 1980 - Jan 7, 1980
Jan 8, 1980 - Jan 12, 1980
Jan 13, 1980 - Sept 20, 1981
Sept 21, 1981
Sept 22, 1981 - Sept 24, 1981
Sept 25, 1981 - March 16, 1983
March 17, 1983 - Sept 11, 1984
Sept 12, 1984 - April 6, 1986
April 7, 1986 - May 5, 1986
May 6, 1986 - May 9, 1986
May 10, 1986 - December 2, 1987
December 3, 1987 - May 22, 1989

These dates signify one full revolution of the Moon's North Node through the signs.  For those of you born on dates not listed here (and I'll bet some of you are peeking!), consult an ephemeris or your own birth chart to learn your nodal position.

If you have the:

Moon's North Node in Aries

You cooperate easily with people and make an agreeable friend and companion.  You like harmony and beauty, though at times you can argue a point just for the fun of it.  You probably have talent in music, art or public relations.  There may be a flair for fashion with you, too!  Watch out for a tendency to lean on other people and their opinions more than necessary.  Don't get bogged down in bad romances.  Be decisive, trust your judgment, and be willing to go first.  You are here to develop enthusiasm, break new ground and be a pioneer in some important way.  You probably hate the thought of sports and leadership positions, but they're good for you.  Wear red, enter races, have courage.  Your Glittering Prize:  On a foundation of true cooperation, you step out on your own to start something truly new.  Guess who has the Moon's North Node in Aries:  Ashley Judd

Moon's North Node in Taurus

You are a demanding person with strong emotions.  Your desire for intense experiences sometimes causes you trouble.  You sense your potential to be content and stable, but you often find it hard to get there with your many passions.  Learn to establish inner security and discover your own values.  Set up your own bank account, get a part time job, or make your own money decisions.  You have deep insights into people and life, but need to develop steady relationships so you can trust and share your insights with others.  You're here to develop patience and learn to appreciate the reward in simple things.  Let situations be without having to investigate, probe or consume them.  Don't get bogged down in addictive behaviors.  Nature and the outdoors are very healing for you.  Guess who has the Moon's North Node in Taurus:  Matthew Fox

Moon's North Node in Gemini

You can probably stand to improve your spelling.  And I don't mean Tori Spelling.  Education, especially in practical or technical skills, is very good for you.  You have natural wisdom and can be a great teacher, yet you need to develop the tools of communication.  Reading, writing, radio, television, telephones, the World Wide Web -- all the tried and true as well as new and emerging technologies that enable the spreading of a message -- are beneficial for you to learn in order to grow fully.  You might be a little "rough around the edges" as far as social skills are concerned.  Develop the social ease that will allow you to share your wisdom with others.  (It's probably a good idea to go to that after-school gathering you've been wondering about, and say hello to someone.)  You can discover whole new worlds right in your own neighborhood.  Guess who has the Moon's North Node in Gemini:  Keanu Reeves

Moon's North Node in Cancer

You take life seriously and are often mature for your age.  Your home environment in your growing up years may have required you to be more responsible than many of your friends.  Your natural discipline will help you accomplish your own goals when you set your mind to them.  You will make a good parent once you've learned how to be a good parent to yourself first.  Comfort yourself in positive ways, ask for help when you need it, and develop a career that will enable you to support a family.  Deep down you tend to be impatient with yourself and consider emotions a waste of time.  Learn to define and express your feelings.   Spend time with people, especially women (since Cancer is the "mother" sign of the zodiac) who are caring and can show you the good side of letting your feelings show.  Guess who has the Moon's North Node in Cancer:  Britney Spears

Moon's North Node in Leo

You secretly want to be a star!  But you act like a rebel or outsider.  You're afraid stardom wouldn't be fair to everyone.  You do have a knack for keeping things equal between your friends.  But you also have a warm heart, a generous spirit, and a likely love of drama, dance, music, art, or confident business leadership.  Whatever your special talent is, you'll need to step out and express it to be content.  Don't try to figure out all the details ahead of time.  People are inspired by your standing forth and expressing joy, as much as by going along for the good of the group.  Sign up to perform in a school play or assembly.  Take in the applause!  Experiment with giving speeches or trying on costumes.  Focus your energy on being creative and developing a powerful personal appearance.  Have fun!  It's okay to step out and be noticed.  Guess who has the Moon's North Node in Leo:  Christina Ricci

Moon's North Node in Virgo

I see you munching on a Moon-Pie right now.  Imagination and daydreams fuel your soul.  You enjoy movies, poetry, fantasy and the world of romance.  Your friends may easily tell you their problems and you are a born counselor.  You need to become more practical, focused and discriminating.  Perhaps you have been disappointed or betrayed, so that you learn to choose more carefully next time.  It's not that you deserve to be let down in love and friendship more than anyone else, it's that you're not truly paying attention to the relationship problems that eventually cause you heartache.  Use your dreams to make other people's lives meaningful.  You may do well creating movies, a flower delivery business, a creative accounting business, any goal in which you combine imagination and technical skill.  Give attention to your health and personal grooming.  Guess who has the Moon's North Node in Virgo:  Clare Danes

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