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A Mars Observer

By Natori Moore

Traditionally, I have not paid much attention to the sign placement of Mars in a horoscope.  Sure, if Mars aspects another planet strongly or is part of a major configuration, I’ll give the red planet its due.  But the sign placement of Mars hasn’t been a major focus.

Until recently, that is.  Lately I’ve noticed how Mars plays a more important role in coloring the personality or “tinting the ego” than I had imagined.  Perhaps I’ve always overlooked this because my Mars is in Pisces.  Good old fogged-out, tuned-out Mars in Pisces.  A “difficult placement,” the books say.  “Good for musicians,” they state (and bloody few others, they imply).

I’ve discovered a few things recently about Mars in Pisces, primarily through observing my own behavior in contrast to those who have different Mars placements.  For one thing, if our Mars placement is how we take action, I’ve been sleeping on the job!  In Pisces, Mars forgets itself, gets vague, doesn’t make a stand, leans on neighboring planets, pauses to ponder, and generally takes a nosedive under water whenever it pleases.  Usually just when you need it to focus on something.  A Mars-in-Virgo friend has politely called my approach to action “meander mode.”

So here are a few of my wistful observations of the strengths of other Mars placements:

Mars in Aries:  Need I say more?  How can you do better than Mars in Mars’ sign?  A bit quick on the draw, naturally.  But what Mars in Pisces wouldn’t do for a bit of that clear, decisive action.

Mars in Taurus:  Bullish.  Pit Bullish.  And so determined.  No scuba diving here.  The Ross Perot placement.  Yet some with Mars in Taurus will spend hours plucking petals from daisies and eating cream cheese on toast.  I like their nose rings.

Mars in Gemini:  Going mobile.  And cellular.  The original spin doctors.  Can we talk?  More verbiage per minute than a Cuisinart full of sound bites.  Scintillating.  All they really want is someone to talk to who lives within their area code.

Mars in Cancer:  Home improvements.  The diaper rash placement.  Moody to the max.  But they’re excellent parents.  Good with plants, pets, perseverance.  Hey, this one puts up with in-laws when you don’t want to.

Mars in Leo:  They like to think their Mars placement is the best.  Royalty is entitled and all that.  For sheer willingness to act, theirs may be the best.  No matter what they say, Patton is their favorite movie.

Mars in Virgo:  Efficient.  Thorough.  Refined.  But get your facts straight.  They’ll find the flaw in your ointment before you can say spreadsheet.  Speaking of which, they think in mathematical equations.  The Top Gun placement (with Moon in Leo).

Mars in Libra:  Fight pickers.  But that means they like you.  They’re responsible for those amazing nail polish names like Red Rocket Red and Caramel Veranda.  They’ll dance all night.

Mars in Scorpio:  These people want it.  Bad.  Whatever it is they’re after.  Which means they usually get it.  Exclusive contracts, a table by the window, season tickets.  Good girls go to heaven.  Mars in Scorpio goes everywhere.

Mars in Sagittarius:  Don’t fence me in.  They drive Jeep Cherokees with golden retrievers in the passenger seat and bandanas tied around their rear-view mirrors.  Or around their dogs’ necks.  Blissfully aware of nature’s ever-present wonder, their bathtubs haven’t been cleaned in weeks.

Mars in Capricorn:  The exhilaration of the mountain top.  No-nonsense, no-frills.  They’ll get the job done.  Excellent pacing.  Productivity plus.  Kinda sexy if you fantasize about meeting quotas.

Mars in Aquarius:  Wacky.  Wonderful.  The only placement besides Mars in Pisces that can get mysteriously lost in transcendental concerns.  Besides, they like to fix appliances.

Mars in Pisces:  O, lowly, meek, humble, mild one.  Okay, we do have some positive qualities.  We don’t have to be right!  Did I hear someone say wimp?

I’ve come to the conclusion that if it worked for Bob Dylan, Mars in Pisces can’t be all bad.  Music and poetry are gifts of Mars in Pisces.  As is compassion for those who suffer (and those who even remotely seem to suffer).

Though at times I’d rather have the ego strength of Mars in Leo or Capricorn, here’s one of my favorite definitions of Mars in Pisces:  “to draw out the divine.”  That’ll keep me busy for a while.

© 1994 by Natori Moore
All rights reserved
Originally appeared in The Mountain Astrologer, July 1994
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