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Jupiter's Cure for the Blues

By Natori Moore

Feeling down?  Got a case of the blues?  Perhaps itís time for a Jupiter tonic.  This is not your frothy, foamy, out-in-the-ethers kind of Neptune drink that obscures the need to face reality.  On the contrary, Jupiterís cure for the blues can restore our well being without causing us to desert our senses, especially in combination with Saturn.  But thatís jumping ahead, as an excess of Jupiter might have it, into the deep end of the pool.  Letís begin by looking at Jupiter on its own.

Jupiterís sign and house placement in our astrological charts indicate how and where our natural optimism will bring us ready rewards.  In our Jupiter area, we have natural talents, and our risks are likely to pay off.  So whether youíre looking for a quick pick-me-up or a long-term direction for success, Jupiterís placement can help point the way.

Hereís the recipe for Jupiterís tonic.  Meditate for a few moments on the sign and house placement of your Jupiter.  Then ask yourself:  Based on my Jupiter placement, what activity can I engage in to restore my joie de vivre?  Some amazing ideas for self-renewal may spring to mind.  Here are a few possibilities to get you started:

Jupiter in Aries/First House:  Activities involving personal appearance and direct action, such as spa treatments, haircuts, facials, weight training, public speaking, self-promotion, asking directly for something you need, doing something ďjust because itís there.Ē

Jupiter in Taurus/Second House:  Activities involving money, possessions, and pleasures, such as starting a coin bank, opening a savings account, acquiring new money-management tools, landscaping, massage, singing, buying quality clothing, linens or furniture.

Jupiter in Gemini/Third House:  Activities involving communication skills, local travel or manual dexterity, such as using the telephone, reading magazines, writing, visiting siblings, cycling, telling jokes, listening to the radio, learning a foreign language, auto maintenance, games.

Jupiter in Cancer/Fourth House:  Activities involving nurturing care, such as spending time at home, with family, cooking, gardening, dealing with real estate, with parents, in meditation, originating something, bathing, participating in water sports.

Jupiter in Leo/Fifth House:  Activities involving play, recreation or romance, including taking photographs, going to amusement parks, being with children or pets, asking someone on a date, making art, going out to dinner, performing.

Jupiter in Virgo/Sixth House:  Activities involving health and efficiency, such as cleaning out a desk or file drawer, cataloging books or media, trying a new kind of exercise or health supplement, sharing your lifestyle approach with others, reading about alternative medicine or medical advances, doing a practical task for someone, spending time with co-workers.

Jupiter in Libra/Seventh House:  Activities involving partnership, visual beauty, and balance, such as ballroom dancing, making or listening to music, reading about successful efforts for justice, mediation, negotiation, debate, dressing well.

Jupiter in Scorpio/Eighth House:  Activities involving regeneration, investigation or joint finances, such as researching an area of interest, investing money, renovating a room or house, meditating, investigation esoteric sexuality (tantra, etc.), providing for insurance or credit needs, participating in endurance sports.

Jupiter in Sagittarius/Ninth House:  Activities involving education, travel, and ideals, such as teaching, publication, outdoor activities, going on the road, telling it like it is, writing your own book on Utopia, taking classes, visiting a distant place or exotic locale, going on a quest.

Jupiter in Capricorn/Tenth House:  Activities involving career, authorities and achievement, such as setting appointments, creating business plans, applying for a leadership position, spending time with your father, becoming or finding a mentor, rock climbing, finding a way to achieve recognition.

Jupiter in Aquarius/Eleventh House:  Activities involving friends, groups or the future, such as studying astrology, joining a multi-level marketing organization, tinkering with electronics, tuning into flashes of insight, working or playing with computers, inventing something, offering your skills as a freelancer.

Jupiter in Pisces/Twelfth House:  Activities involving the inner world, subconscious self, and service, such as writing poetry, recording dreams, watching movies, listening to or making music, painting, having a past-life regression, volunteering your time, going on a retreat.

The key to Jupiter is knowing that a little goes a long way.  So when youíre feeling down, you donít have to go far to feel good!  Also, pursuing an activity related to your Jupiter sign or house can lead to financial success.  This is particularly true when Saturn gets added into the mix.  When we use our innate Jupiter abilities in combination with our Saturn areaís necessary lessons, we are using something weíre good at (Jupiter) to achieve gradual mastery over an area in which we are more insecure (Saturn).  The result is often highly satisfying because we are integrating the two areas.  Here are a few examples:

One woman I know combined her Third House Jupiter (writing) with her Second House Saturn (money) to write magazine articles for publication.  Another woman used travel and taking classes (Ninth House Jupiter) to improve her marriage (Seventh House Saturn).  One man combined his Sixth House Jupiter and Eleventh House Saturn to teach innovative health classes.  A woman with a Fifth House Jupiter found that spending time with children (Fifth House) helped contribute to the internal stability she needed (Fourth House Saturn).

If your natal Jupiter is well-aspected, pay close attention to its positive aspects for clues to areas you may want to develop.  If your natal Jupiter is not well-aspected, watch for those times when it becomes well-aspected by transiting or progressed planets.  These can be especially good times to add Jupiter improvements to your life.  Be sure to note the houses in your chart that are currently being transited by Jupiter and Saturn, as these may give additional clues to areas you can benefit from.

So to Jupiterís wonderful astrological tonic, I say, add a dash of sarsaparilla, a few mint leaves, and enjoy!  Thereís nothing quite so refreshing as Jupiterís cure for the blues.

© 1995 by Natori Moore
All rights reserved
Originally appeared in Dell Horoscope December 1995
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