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Those Extraordinary Eclipses

By Natori Moore

Many of us like to get a glimpse of what lies ahead in our lives.  The awareness of upcoming trends that astrology can provide can help us better prepare ourselves for the future and stay one step ahead of the curve.

Eclipses are a particularly potent astrological tool for gaining this future-focused awareness.  The powerful alignments of the Sun, Moon and Earth that occur at the time of an eclipse increase the energy reaching the earth from the outer atmosphere.  This energy enters the field of the earth at a particular zodiac degree, depending on the celestial location of the eclipse.  If these sensitive degrees appear at important positions in your birth chart, you are likely to be uniquely moved by the eclipse energy. 

Ancient astrologers tended to view eclipses as negative events, since they often brought changes that upset the existing order of things.  Modern astrologers believe that eclipses often do portend change, but also signal opportunities for growth if we manage the increased energies of the eclipse period wisely.  Even though it is not always obvious, eclipses tend to bring forth events and feelings that reinforce the direction things were already moving in our lives prior to the eclipse.  The more aware we are of this direction ahead of time, the better prepared we will be to make needed changes.  Sometimes we can even make these changes in advance.

Depending on the sector or HOUSE of your birth chart that contains the eclipse degree, you may be stimulated to make changes in one or more of the following twelve different life areas.  Itís as if the eclipse draws back the curtain on a specific area of life, and asks us to pay attention to the action emerging in that area.

If an eclipse degree falls in your FIRST HOUSE of identity, body and appearance, you may need to pay attention to your personal presentation, physical body or health.  You may want to make changes in your wardrobe, hygiene or health routines to enable you to take greater action toward your goals.

If an eclipse degree falls in your SECOND HOUSE of income, employment and values, you may want to make a job change, develop a new income-producing skill, or build a sideline pursuit into a business.  Awareness of what you truly value could lead to a change in your income or employment.

If an eclipse degree falls in your THIRD HOUSE of communication, siblings, and the local environment, you may make changes in your transportation routine, acquire or relinquish tools for communication (telephones, computers, fax machines and the like), or make changes in your relationships with siblings or neighbors.

If an eclipse degree falls in your FOURTH HOUSE of home, family and domestic matters, you may move or make changes to your residence, increase time spent with family members, or evaluate how you can shore up your internal sense of security.  Matters concerning parents, relatives or family members could call for your attention.

If an eclipse degree falls in your FIFTH HOUSE of children, creativity and romance, you may focus greater time on your children, develop your creative self-expression through drama or the arts, or pursue pleasurable recreational activities.  It might be time to nudge your dreams open and take some type of heart-felt creative risk.

If an eclipse degree falls in your SIXTH HOUSE of work, service and health, you may make logistical changes with your co-workers, begin a program to improve your health, or experience a temporary disruption in your sense of order.  Making efforts to improve the efficiency of your work and home environments without over-regulating them will yield best results.

If an eclipse degree falls in your SEVENTH HOUSE of marriage, partnership and cooperation, you may choose to begin or end a partnership at this time.  The balance between self and others will likely need to be examined more closely, and you may want to evaluate your alliances to determine their suitability for your continued growth.

If an eclipse degree falls in your EIGHTH HOUSE of joint resources, sexuality and secrets, you may want to change the way you handle money and resources in a partnership, reevaluate investments, or enter counseling to make deep psychological changes.  Issues of giving and receiving regarding money, sexuality and emotions may emerge.

If an eclipse degree falls in your NINTH HOUSE of travel, religion and education, you may be focused on foreign countries, plan a trip to a distance place, enroll in college, or expand your spiritual thinking or practices.  You may want to try something new and adventurous.

If an eclipse degree falls in your TENTH HOUSE of career, status and public reputation, your work could undergo changes in management structure, or you could receive public recognition.  You may want to improve relationships with those in positions of authority, and examine your own relationship to authority in your life.

If an eclipse degree falls in your ELEVENTH HOUSE of friends, groups and humanitarian goals, you may experience a shake-up in your circle of friends or be urged to take further action toward your long-range hopes and wishes.  Joining groups of like-minded people can help further your aims.

If an eclipse degree falls in your TWELFTH HOUSE of spirituality, dreams and retreat, you may become more or less reclusive and pay increased attention to your nighttime dreams.  You may want to develop you spiritual or artistic capacities, bring a secret dream out of the closet, or spend time alone to develop greater awareness of inner realities. 

Eclipses that fall in Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) tend to activate changes quickly, within two weeks or so.  Eclipses in Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) are less immediate but can create movement in long-entrenched patterns or situations.  Eclipses in Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) may be less noticeable in their effects but open new doors to changing our daily routines and long-range patterns of perception.

Keep in mind that a Solar Eclipse occurs at a New Moon, and a Lunar Eclipse occurs at a Full Moon.  Thus some astrologers feel that a Solar Eclipse is more likely to produce obvious outer events or changes, whereas a Lunar Eclipse is more likely to produce internal or emotional changes.  I have not found this to be strictly true.  Lunar Eclipses do tend to challenge our emotional foundations in the same way that a Full Moon can, but to a greater degree.  Yet either type of eclipse can precipitate events or emotional changes depending on its relationship to a given chart. 

For this reason, itís wise not to over-schedule activities on the days near an eclipse, and to allow room for people and situations to be unpredictable during these days.  Avoid making important decisions until the dust settles after an eclipse (typically at least a week afterward).  You may also want to take time to withdraw from usual routines at these times.  Meditating on the themes brought out by the unique relationship of the eclipse degree to your birth chart as described in the appropriate house placement above can be useful.  May you remain flexible and open to grow through eclipse changes!

©2001 by Natori Moore
All rights reserved

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