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New Moon Morsels
New Moon/Solar Eclipse
28 Pisces 07'
March 18, 2007
7:43 P.M.
Pacific Time

New Pastures

Springtime brings new life, new energy and green pastures of possibilities to our lives.  This year's no different, yet activated by a 28 degree Pisces New Moon/Solar Eclipse March 18, positioned very near the end of the 360-degree zodiac wheel, something significant will likely come to a close for us over the next few months. Perhaps a volunteer effort, a long service commitment, a job, a relationship, a personal habit pattern--some way of being in the world to which we've long been involved or attached will likely require letting go.

This letting go may have been some time coming, and may involve some tears, but also could be assisted by the natural dissolving energy of Pisces. This transition:

1) Will involve letting go of something that we've been involved with or committed to for at least a year, probably many years;

2) Will involve a loss of innocence in some way, a need to let go of a childlike approach to life that may have been useful up until now, but which has likely been outgrown;

3) Will involve bringing a gift we've gained such as emotional attunement, compassion, listening skills, sensitivity to others or to our own inner selves along with us into the next phase;

4) Will open us to a new creative direction that puts more of our capabilities and emerging interests to use.  These new interests may be more visual than verbal, more intuitive than logical, more emotive than cognitive, as befitting the sign of Pisces.

After several months of gestation, I've decided that for me, this transition will involve discontinuing the New Moon Morsels forecast. This will be my last New Moon Morsels column for an indefinite period. I've enjoyed writing each month since February 2001, yet I now find the time is right to work on other astrological writing, complete my graduate degree, and give my best effort to my 40-hour a week job as a college admissions advisor.  A good monthly forecast you may want to consult instead of the Morsels is Susan Miller's at

I will also be taking a sabbatical from doing live or telephone readings.  I will be tapering off my reading schedule for the next three months.  At the beginning of April, May and June, I will schedule a limited number of readings as time permits for that month, and keep an interest list for those who notify me that they would like to schedule a session for the following month, starting now and ending June 30, 2007.  I will contact those on the interest list at the beginning of the appropriate month by e-mail to book an appointment if available.

I will continue to do selected e-mail only readings for Ask Natori payable through PayPal.  These are short readings based on one or two questions only and a limited word count.

I thank all of you who have been my clients since 1990 and will be happy to provide referrals to other excellent astrologers for live or telephone readings.  See some of them on my links page:  

My wishes for you this month and beyond are courage, grace and clarity about the next step in your life path.  May you find a balanced expression of Pisces energy--visionary, limitless, abundant, yet compassionate, kind, and enchanting in the most positive sense.  (See Thomas Moore's The Reenchantment of Everyday Life.)

Since this New Moon/Solar Eclipse falls late in sign (28 of 30 possible sign degrees), read the forecast for the sign before yours as well (example: Aries read Pisces, Taurus read Aries, Gemini read Taurus, etc.).  Some of the previous sign's comments may apply. Namaste.

(sign dates are approximate depending on year of birth)

 ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 19):  The New Moon/Solar Eclipse occurs in your Twelfth House of spirituality, retreat and behind-the-scenes activities.  You may want to keep a low profile this month and see what your nighttime dreams have to tell you.  Relaxation may bring inspiration that resolves your biggest concerns.  Your biggest areas of growth and transformation: travel, higher education, publishing, promotion of academic or philosophical ideas.
Best days for Aries:  Mar 19-20, Apr 15-16

TAURUS (Apr 20-May 20)The New Moon/Solar Eclipse occurs in your Eleventh House of friends, groups, business income, humanitarian causes, and long-range hopes and wishes.  Beginnings or changes in these areas may occur for you this month.  You can further long-held hopes and wishes with practical action, especially by joining groups or talking to friends about your goals.  Your biggest areas of growth and transformation:  joint finances, investments, emotional intimacy, sexuality.
Best days for Taurus:  Mar 21, Apr 17

GEMINI (May 21-Jun 20)The New Moon/Solar Eclipse occurs in your Tenth House of authorities, reputation and career.  You may be more professionally active or visible than usual this month, especially with the public or those in positions of leadership.  Issues with parents, supervisors or authority figures may come to the surface.  Strike a balance between asserting your capabilities and accommodating those deserving of your respect.  Your biggest areas of growth and transformation: partnerships, one-to-one negotiations, playing fair, balance of power.
Best days for Gemini:  Mar 23-24

CANCER (Jun 21-Jul 22)The New Moon/Solar Eclipse occurs in your Ninth House of philosophy, religion, higher education, long distance travel, long-range plans and big adventures.  New doors may open for you in one or more of these areas.  Consider mapping out some details for a long range goal, even if only to open your mind to the possibility.  Your biggest areas of growth and transformation:  work routines, health habits, applying knowledge in practical ways, purification of hearth, home and attitudes.  
Best days for Cancer:  Mar 25

LEO (Jul 23-Aug 22)The New Moon/Solar Eclipse occurs in your Eighth House of joint finances, sexuality and secrets.  Reviewing investments or loans, refinancing, deepening partnerships through communication, and entering counseling or therapy may be on the agenda this month. Determine where you stand with important joint projects and consider reviewing your credit report.  Your biggest areas of growth and transformation:  creativity, romance, play, risk-taking, having fun even while you work.  
Best days for Leo:  Mar 27-29

VIRGO (Aug 23-Sep 22)The New Moon/Solar Eclipse occurs in your Seventh House of partnership and marriage.  New partnerships or phases of an existing partnership may emerge at this time.  Take a look at your general approach to partnership and the balance you achieve between self and others.  Your biggest areas of growth and transformation: home renovations, redistribution of family responsibilities, emotional security.
Best days for Virgo:  Mar 30-31

LIBRA (Sep 23-Oct 22)The New Moon/Solar Eclipse occurs in your Sixth House of work, health and service.  You may want to review your health and fitness regimes or organize your work environment for greater productivity.  You may need to develop fresh routines in your work or health habits to keep you energized.  A doctor's appointment or health review could give you a reassuring reality check.  Your biggest areas of growth and transformation:  open communication, verbalizing your concerns, networking, connecting with others nearby.
Best days for Libra:  Apr 1-3

SCORPIO (Oct 23-Nov 21)The New Moon/Solar Eclipse occurs in your Fifth House of romance, creativity, children and play.  New beginnings, breakthroughs or changes may occur for you in these areas.  Launch a creative project or find one you started in the past and bring it back to life. Focus on the childlike creative spirit within and bring a sense of play to whatever you do.  Your biggest areas of growth and transformation:  income sources, balancing your checkbook, finding your own sense of values, allowing other people to have their own ideas and attitudes and resources without trying to absorb them.
Best days for Scorpio:  Apr 4-5

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21):  The New Moon/Solar Eclipse occurs in your Fourth House of home, family and property.  You may want to move, reorganize or redecorate your living space.  You may have more activity in or focus on your home this month.  New starts in your emotional foundation and self-nurturing bring stronger family relations.  Your biggest areas of growth and transformation:  health, personal appearance, personal presentation, body image, asserting yourself for a cause.
Best days for Sagittarius:  Apr 6-8

CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19)The New Moon/Solar Eclipse occurs in your Third House of local travel, transportation, communication, neighbors and siblings.  Opportunities for change or new starts may emerge in these areas. Communicating your needs and exchanging information with others via  telephone, e-mail or fax brings you better success than going it alone. You could be busier than usual with more mental stimulation--make sure you get plenty of rest.  Your biggest areas of growth and transformation:  overcoming subconscious fears, taking dreams seriously, pursuing an artistic or musical hobby for pleasure, no matter the outcome.
Best days for Capricorn:  Apr 9-10

AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18)The New Moon/Solar Eclipse occurs in your Second House of earned money, possessions and values.  New work or income opportunities may come your way this month.  It's a great month to network with others and surround yourself with coworkers or clients who share your priorities.  Look for income sources that will reflect your values.  Your biggest areas of growth and transformation:  friends, groups, causes, long-range hopes and wishes.
Best days for Aquarius:  Apr 11-12

PISCES (Feb 19-Mar 20):  The New Moon/Solar Eclipse occurs in your First House of action, identity and personal presence.  The spotlight shines on you this month, so use it to your advantage.  Put your best foot forward and use your appearance and presentation style as a tool to enhance your confidence.  You have a particular appeal this month that attracts people to you with ease.  Your biggest areas of growth and transformation:  career, authority figures, reputation, parents, power to achieve and influence.
Best days for Pisces:  Mar 18, Apr 13-14


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