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 Why is getting my correct birth time so important?

An astrological chart is based on the date, place and time of birth of a person or enterprise.  The more accurate the birth time, the more accurate the astrologer can be in giving insights and forecasting upcoming trends.  With a birth time, a forecast can be detailed in terms of weeks or days rather than months or years.  Two people born on the same day and year on opposite sides of the world will have roughly the same planetary line-up, but the time and place of each birth narrows the chart focus to accurately depict the specific areas of life that will be of most concern to each of these individuals.  One might compare getting an accurate birth time and place to focusing a camera lens.  The more detailed the focus of the lens, the more clearly the picture can be seen.

How can I locate my birth time?

A written record of your birth time is best.  Check with relatives to see if they have a birth certificate for you that lists your birth time.  Or check with hospital medical records librarians (ask for the long form with the birth time listed), or state and county records for the state or county where you where born. Here is a site with good information about obtaining birth records.   A small fee is sometime involved to obtain this information, usually payable by credit card. 

Whatís the difference between a same-day quick reading and a reading by appointment?

A same-day quick reading is useful when you desire quick insight into yourself or a situation without having to wait and gather your thoughts and questions in advance.  I enjoy this type of astrology and find that it can be quite helpful even though performed quickly.  A reading by appointment allows more time for both you and the astrologer to prepare, so may offer more depth and detail.  Certain services, such as choosing dates for events and fertility evaluation, require appointments due to the detailed nature of preparation that must be done prior to the session. 

Isnít astrology in conflict with Christianity?

No.  Many mainstream Christian thinkers are not aware of astrologyís roots.  In ancient times, astrology was maligned in part because it was misused, as it can be today, by those who give it rather than God their ultimate allegiance.  Astrology is one manifestation of Godís Word -- as noted in Psalm 19, a Word written in the stars.  It is a more ancient, pre-verbal facet of the Word than that developed in the Western world when Gutenberg and the printing press made Bibles available to the public.  Astrologers who use their skill ethically are practiced in translating this stellar aspect of divine expression for those who are interested in knowing it and using it responsibly.

Watered-down popular astrology of the type one finds in newspapers and magazines has unfortunately given many the notion that most things are fated to occur in life, and no personal responsibility or action is required.  On the contrary, a horoscope is a suggested outline for life development, but living it fully requires accountability, action and faith.  These are beyond the power of astrology alone to provide.

Contributions astrology can make, however, to a good life journey, are beauty, order, meaning, comfort, joy and catalyzing awareness (also known as a good kick in the pants).  Good books that help re-link astrology with its religious roots are The Night Speaks by Steven Forrest, The Footprints of God by Luella Sibbald, Horary Astrology by Anthony Louis and Userís Guide to Astrology by Bruce Scofield. (Amazon links)  See also the work of Robert Hand et al and ARHAT.

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